Paramount Ranch Shoot

Hello AWC fans and worshippers!

We’ve just gotten off the dusty trail from Paramount Ranch after shooting the Soiled Doves Sizzle Reel. Next stop is the editing bay, where it will be chopped and beaten and spit out new and shiny, like coal into a diamond. After the editing process is completed and this gem has found its way in front of the right eyes, it will be released publicly on the Aren’t We Clever ‘VIDEO’ page for all to view and enjoy. For now, let us indulge you with a few behind the scenes secrets you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to.

The RED EPIC created some intensely beautiful images in our first collaboration with DP Frankie Guerrero.

Our very full day of shooting began at 5:00 AM Monday morning. (A real film crew doesn’t need sleep.) The first shot of this 1890s period-piece, kicked off at 9:00 AM sharp, framed a hopeful young lady just arrived from off the train to meet the town she’d soon call home. As the fog machine imitated the train’s steam, extras buzz back and forth around her, PAs furiously stomped at the dirt and wave large boards to create dust clouds, while the magic that happens behind the edge of the frame is kept safely where it belongs. Actor Robert Craighead hauntingly tickled the ivories (or so the shot implied, though these particular keys hadn’t sung a note for years) while his face told a hundred stories with a simple sigh. F. Anthony Bello, our spritely grip/CA float, wafted the “atmosphere” from behind the piano around the room so one could imagine about 10 lit cigars in hands around the room. (In reality, the location didn’t allow for open flame in this particular building.)

We kept far ahead of schedule, practically unheard of for any film set, until about 5:00 PM. At that time we needed the sun to set completely and moon to do its thing before we could continue on with the final shots. With this ambitious and nonstop crew, we ended up spending a few more hours than necessary absolutely perfecting the lighting and minor details of our big finale shot (which was not shot last in terms of scheduling, of course.) The dolly pulls away in a shot of our three leading ladies standing together as the town looks through dusty windows to what lies beyond.

The RED EPIC created some intensely beautiful images in our first collaboration with DP Frankie Guerrero. Everyone contributed their very best work to making the dream of a few wonderful young ladies into a reality. Keep your eye out for this teaser soon to follow in our video section!

-Becca Scott

Featured images courtesy of Nick Karagozian, 2012.




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